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  • 12-3-12 type Gemini

    sused in disinfection and sterilization bactericide of oil field auxiliary of tertiary recovery antirust lubricant

  • N-Lauryl-1,3-diaminopropane

    It can be used as emulsifier and dispersant to produce emulsified asphalt or to disperse and emulsify pigments and dyes. It is a good floatation agent, or used as deink of papermaking ink. Inquiry now !

  • CMEA

    CMEA is widely used in shampoo、 cleansing facial milk、 bathing milk and other detergents. Inquiry now !

  • Potassium mono-dodecyl phosphate (MAP-K)

    MAP-K specially applicable to foam cleansing facial milk and foam cleansing facial etc..​ Inquiry now !

  • CAS No.: 61792-31-2 Lauramidopropylamine Oxide

    This product applicable to preparing shampoo, bathing cream, cleansing facial milk, dish washing detergent and hardsurface detergent etc.. Inquiry now !

  • CAS:4727-41-7 Sulphobetaine

    Have 3 functions :1.Used in shampoo (3-6%). High foam, strong cleaning power. 2. Used in bathing milk(6-25%). Strong cleaning power, easy to be washed. 3.Used in cleansing facial milk to make transparent cleansing facial milk with MAP. Inquiry now !

  • Propyl betaine(CAB-35)

    This product is widely used in baby skin care products, washing and need the nursing characteristics of shampoo personal hygiene items, etc. Inquiry now !

  • Disodium Alkyl Sulfosuccinate

    1. This product owns rich foams, good emulsibility, strong detergent power, moderate degreasing power and low pungency to skin and eyes. 2.This product belongs to succinic acid monoester series. It can make your skin pleasant and smooth. It is the first surface active agent for skin. 3. This product is easy to be prepared into paste products. It has strong pearl effect. Inquiry now !

  • Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate

    This product as surface active agent owns excellent functions of washing, emulsification, dispersion,wetting and solubilization. Combined with different kinds of surface active agent, it can reduce pu..

  • CAS No.: 6863-42-9 Coconut oil acid diethanolamine

    Widely used in liquid detergent, liquid soap, metal cleaning agents, textile auxiliaries, etc.Especially for the liquid detergent indispensable chelating agent. Inquiry now !

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