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  • Panthenol

    Moisturizers, skin conditioners, antistatic agents, easily oxidized, soluble in water, alcohol and propylene glycol, absorbed by the skin, and vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) together, can increase the skin of hyaluronic acid content, given the skin luster and Wet effect, can stimulate cell division regeneration and tissue repair, especially for mature skin use

  • Zhijuzi Extract

    Skin conditioning agent, used in cosmetics can adjust the skin condition

  • (2,5-dioxoimidazolidin-4-yl)urea L-ascorbate

    Antioxidants,Delay skin aging. Commonly used in cosmetics


    POTASSIUM ASCORBYLBORATE is a skin conditioning agent , it have a evidently conditioning effect.

  • (2S)-beta-Alanyl-L-prolyl-2,4-diamino-N-(phenylmethyl)butanamide acetate

    (2S)-beta-Alanyl-L-prolyl-2,4-diamino-N-(phenylmethyl)butanamide acetate is Cosmetic peptides,it is good for skin. Rebtech --a professional manufacturer of it . Inquiry Now!

  • GHK-Cu

    Rebtech is a professional manufacturer of GHK-Cu. Inquiry Now!

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