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    • CAS No.:98-92-0
    • Brand :Rebtech
    • Packing:25kg/drum
    • INCI:Nicotinamide
    • Item No.
    • Application:Whitening, Lightening, Spot removing
    • Molecular Formula:C6H6N2O
    • Formula Weight:122.125
    • Synonyms:Niacinamide;Nicotinamid;nicotinamida;Nicotinamide;Nicotinamidum;3-Pyridinecarboxamide

    Nicotinamide Whitening, Lightening, Spot removing

    1. Detailed information

    Skin conditioners - smooth agent, amine compound nicotinic acid, vitamin B3 derivatives. Can keep the skin in ceramide and free fatty acid levels, maintain skin moisture, improve microcirculation of the dermal layer.

    Studies have shown that inflammation of the part of the skin to help prevent inflammatory acne (acne inflammatory) deterioration

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